Dramatrauma (dramatrauma) wrote in housewife_core,

A Mysterious Appliance

Haveing found out Im now cooking (the most classic of reasons...im now living with the boyfriend and I dont do it who the hell will ;) and she got me this for Xmas.

A Cooks essentials 3 Qt. Electric deep Skillet and Nonstick grill (sorry i couldnt google pics of the right one)

Its comes with a cookbooklet and instructions but can you ladies give me a better idea of how to use this thing,recipes, cleaning advice etc;...my cooking doesnt extend far past a fry pan a boiling pan and a stove

Ive nothing to exchange save my undying gratitude.
thanks in Advance
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if it's what i think it is, my grandmother uses one to make large batches of rice and hashbrowns. other than that, i'd imagine you could use it in a wok-like manner to make stirfries or maybe a ridiculously large pot of fondue!
hmmm - can you slow cook in that? I bet you can. I think you could make beef bourginion etc -

I have been picking up a little readers-digest-sized magazine in the grocery store called Everyday FOOD (you see the word FOOD really promintent on the cover) and it is full of really great, easy to make and quite delicious meals. Me & my bf have been using these magazine for menu planning -we've been eating better and saving $$!

I'll see if I can remember to put the beef bourginion recipe in my journal - I think I may put all my faves there with the tag 'recipe' - If I do, I'll post to you.
I heart Everyday Food! I made so much from it and it's a lot easier than a lot of MS Living's recipes. I made a spinich, mushroom and goat's cheese tart the other day...so nice.
I love my electric skillet. Pancakes, eggs, fry anything in it. It's good for frozen potstickers, it's good for Paella, for Arroz con Pollo, for making steaks, for cooking tomato sauce, it's good for anything you need to know the temperature of while cooking.

It's just plain good. Anything you use a fry pan, a saucepan, a dutch oven for, you can use this puppy for.

I second Helena's suggestion of Everyday FOOD. Those shopping lists for menu planning are a godsend sometimes when you're imagination left on the first train and you're on the second.

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