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Ladies-only dinner party

Hello all,

In a couple of weeks time I have a dinner party planned for four women (including myself). We are all friends (we did our Master's degrees together) and do a dinner party at each other's houses every so many months. I'm looking for a really good wintry recipe, easy to make that isn't too fiddly (like I don't have time to source extra-exotic ingrediants). We all eat meat, so carni recipes are cool. I have a dessert planned, rice pudding with cognac soaked raisins and sultanas, or possibly tarte tatin...

Any ideas would be great.
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I'm thinking fennel - if you can throw something with fennel in it into the mix. Like, a fennel tart, or a 'shaved' fennel salad, or steak cooked with fennel and wine

Also, I have a real easy recipie for potato-leek soup
That sounds great and easy to get in my neighborhood. Steak and fennel sounds great. I think it would go perfect with crispy roast pototoes and roasted carrots and parsnips. Lots of earthy vegetables. Just need to pick out the wine!
I think I'm going to cook with Fennel this weekend.