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I posted before about all this organizing stuff I had to (wanted to!) do and a couple of people gave me some great advice. I'm kind of lucky that recently my boyfriend (yes, I'm not a wife, I hope you won't kick me out - I sew a mean seam & have some great recipies!) has recently turned over a new leaf and is starting to work on keeping *his* place clean. So, for anybody who's also working on something like this, here's my baby steps.

I got home at about 5:00. It is now 9:30. I have done two loads of laundry and one load of hand wash, and I also disposed of a bit more than 100 CD cases, putting all my classical & my jazz CDs in one of those CD books. And I took out the trash. In fact, my place doesn't *look* any better, for all the work I did, but I'm trying to focus on progress in terms of tiny baby steps. And I guess in most cases you just won't see the progress. I had the urge to start something else, thinking that what I had done wasn't enuf, but I have to remember progress doesn't happen all at once. Small changes add up to big differences. Next time I will do another small project when I get home from work and I can focus, and so that I don't feel like cleaning/organizing is taking over my life...

ps: like the perfectionist I am, when I was all done, I really felt like I hadn't done enuf, but when I look at it written out like this, I got a lot done!

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