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Christmas shopping

I'm in a bit of a quandry this year. I usally by gifts for my mom, dad, sister, bro-in-law, little niece each year. My sister told me this year that she really didn't want anything in the way of a christmas gift and that "we" are all adults now and really don't need gifts as we can generally go out and buy what we want anyways.
I don't know if I should take her up on her offer or not? I'm not really interested in getting gifts and would just rather spend time with my family (cue cheesey xmas music) than spend the time shopping and spending as I have already forked out 380 Pounds for the ticket home. I will continue to buy gifts for my little niece, as she is lovely and only small, but what about the adults? My sister is the type to say one thing and then freak out because you actually took her up on what she said.

What do you ladies do?
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