Newdi Limler (blackie_fox) wrote in housewife_core,
Newdi Limler

A couple of questions for my female peeps:

1) What kind of birthcontrol are you on? I'm using that Ortho Evra patch and while I like it's simplicity (I was terrible about remembering to take it and it really caused some problems) but once again I'm having problems. My girl parts are always a problem but I'm finding that the patch causes spotting for a week before my period starts - cramps and everything! So I have a two week period! I'm looking for something new and am ready to really take some responsibility and take the pill at the same time every day if it'll cut out the two week long period.

2) And now I can't remember what it was! *lol* Okay, I'm gonna go check my email and come right back and see if I remember it then.

Oh well, dang it, I can't remember now. So if you just wanted to help me out with the first one I'd appreciate it. I want to know what you like about your birth control, what you don't, what the hardest part to get used to was, which part you just couldn't do without.
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