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new to the community

Hi! *waves*

Name: D
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Age: 30
I live in: a late 1800's cottage (rented, of course - there is no way we could afford this place!) near downtown.
I live with:  my husband and 2 cats. No kids, I'm fixed.
For a living: I am employed by the state.
I make a kickass: anything in the baked goods realm. My husband does all of the cooking.
I'm addicted to: chocolate, flavored coffee, Orlando Bloom (sigh)
I read religiously: the local/weekly independent papers and books about Buddhism.
I listen to: lots of different types of music (my husband is a musician) - except for country.
I enjoy: crafts (collages, ATC's, altered books, scrapbooking, stamping, ephemera), Bailey's on the Rocks, & vanilla flavored vodka.
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