Newdi Limler (blackie_fox) wrote in housewife_core,
Newdi Limler

Happiness is...

Name: Wendi
Location: North Central Florida
Age: 30

I am so, so, SO happy to have found this community! I feel like Peg Bundy in a sea of Donna Reeds! I have no kids and work full time. My husband and I have been married for eight years, so having no kids in all this time has really made us "strange" to some people. When we're ready to have kids, we'll have them, but we both realize we're not ready yet.

Sorry, Shel for stealing your intro, it was just too cool.

I Reside in a: Crappy 2 bedroom apartment with a husband and 2 fiesty cats, but I have a brand new bed so it's all good.

By Day I: Work as a mild mannered Office Manager for an ELCA Lutheran Church.

By Night I: Am a freelance photographer, writer, and blue belt in taekwondo.

My Obsessive Disorder kicks in with: make up I don't wear, freebies to get sent to my home, scrapbooking supplies, stationary I rarely ever use.

My book shelves are filled with: decorating books and magazines, fiction of all kinds.

My CD rack holds: Metallica, Dixie Chicks, Yo Yo Ma, Enya, instrumental soundtracks, broadway soundtracks

My DVD rack holds: Pitch Black, Nottinghill, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Ocean's 11
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